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My name is JP and I a Photographer/Director/Cinematographer. Although I have a Bachelors in TV Production; I spent most of time infront of the camera. One day I purchased a used Canon T3i to shoot a short film for myself to act in. I never made that movie. Instead what happened the first day I used the camera would change the trajectory of my life forever.

I went outside with my new toy to test the buttons and practice using it.

Now, to paint this picture for you. I was/am the type of person that has a hard time turning off my brain. Constantly thinking, constantly on line per say. 

So I leave the house to test the buttons in front of the building I lived in. Next thing I knew 4 hours had passed. I was blocks away from my house and I had no idea what I had done with my phone.

I was taking pictures of everything and anything I had infront of me. Flowers, rocks, walls.. anything. This was not like me but I couldn't stop. That's where it all started. I ended up shooting everyday for 6 months. 

From there it all branched out. People would see my photos and ask me if also shot videos. They now asked me to shoot their films or promos.

I'm grateful to have found photography or that it found me.

I do everything from headshots to family portraits to shooting and directing film projects.

Hit me up if you have a project in mind and lets make it happen!

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